Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Cheer

More Proud Parent Pics

Proud Parents

Funny Face

This is probably mean to post, especially as a proud mama, but it was just too funny not to.

Sisterly Love

Avery & Bristol
Avery can't give her sister enough kisses.

Our New Addition

Bristol Marie Bates
Born: 11/14/08
Weight: 8 lbs. 9 oz.
Length: 20 inches

Bristol on the day after her birth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Happy Halloween

Our Princess Cinderella...
Sheri and her pumpkin and pumpkin like belly at 37 weeks.

Dan & Aves carving pumpkins.

Avery with her cute little pumpkin.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Last Trip to Disneyland for the Year

Our annual passes expire this week :( We went to Disneyland last night. Avery is 39 1/2 inches tall without shoes. Most of the 'big rides' you have to be 40 inches. Thank goodness for heals. She was over 40 inches tall, we stapped on her tallest sandles and she was able to ride: Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad & Space Mountain. Though she was tall enough, she wasn't quite brave enough for them all. She absolutely loved Splash Mountain, even with the waterfall drop, but Big Thunder Railroad & Space Mountain were a little scary for her.
This is her crazy excited happy face...
Avery and Dan about to embark on Big Thunder Railroad...
She's safe and glad to be out of the train.

Our second vacation in July-ARIZONA

4 days after returning home from Utah, we headed to Arizona for my nephew, Crew's baptism.

Here's Crew and his dad, Jason..
The Jason E. Turner Family....
Avery with Grandpa Peterson
Grandpa Peterson, spoiling the grandkids with Camo P.J's. Last year it was a cowgirl hat and boots. They love it!

Our first vacation in July--UTAH

A week and a half after our cruise (July 2nd-6th) we headed to UT for the David L. Bates Family Reunion (Dan's Dad--our immediate family), the Derrick Family Reunion (Dan's Mom's Side) and the Dee Forrest Bates Family Reunion (Dan's Dad's side) Yes it was all about getting this side of the family together.

Here is our little family...at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, UT

Avery and Grandpa Bates

Avery found her 'kissing cousin' Owen....though they only held hands.

Our family with the kissing cousin....
Sam (Owen's bro) adventuring down the falls.
where's waldo?? Or actually where's Dan & Avery in these photos???

They were there I promise. Isn't it beautiful!
Here's our family at Casade Springs...

Avery enjoying her granola bar....I just loved the profile in this though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our Mexican Riveria Cruise June '08--On the Ship

All dressed up at a show In our room....sparkling cider, I know the appearance of evil...
Sunset on board

Cabo San Lucas

The City of Cabo

The famous Arch

Where we went snorkelingCabo's coast


Relaxing at a resort On the beach
Dan Parasailing
At a Cathedral

Leaving Mazatlan

Our Favorite Port - Puerta Vallarta & On the Boat

Us in the back country of Puerta Vallarta....Isn't it beautiful?

An LDS church we saw on our Jeep Tour, it was under construction....pretty cool to see, they all look the same.Cemetary in the country

A country village
A Church out in the country
Sheri the bandit of the group....
Dan driving on our Jeep Safari...
Learning how to make Tequila....we have our own version now, so anyone that wants to come by and try it just call me :)
On the Coast

A beautiful Catholic Church
Dan along the coastal line
Sheri with her 4 1/2 month baby bump on the coast.
On the ship..one of our formal nights.
Waiting to come disembark....What a great week, but we missed Aves by now and were excited to see her.