Sunday, May 18, 2008

A new version of the 80's song "Walk the Dinosaur"

Family fun time! Need I say more.

Daddy Sharp tooth joins in.....

Happy "30th" Birthday Dan

We didn't have any "manly" wrapping paper, so Avery colored the box. It's still isn't as manly as I was thinking we could have done, but that's a 3 year old girl for you.
Avery did most of the writing by herself.
Great gifts come in funny packages.

Another low key celebration, since the party was last week. We just enjoyed each other and had fun family time.

Last Week's Mother's Day

Mother's day was great. We just hung out and enjoyed each other. Dan made breakfast, it was actually Avery's choice, but then again Mother's usually give in to their kids. He would have made dinner as well, but I had him take me out for an early Mother's day dinner on Friday night, so all I wanted was left over chinese food. One of the coolest parts of the day was realizing my sister in law was in So. California and she was only 6 miles away!!! So we were able to visit her and her 6 week old little Henry boy. He was adorable. We were excited to see him, since we weren't quite sure when we would ever meet our new nephew.

Avery and her newest cousin Henry. So cute!

The Much Anticiptated Gala

Here are pics and videos of Chicago. It was a lot of fun. Music was great, but I was surprised that I only recognized half of the songs. Dinner was fabulous and dessert was all chocolate fancy, rich and yummy stuff...I don't know what it was all called. I ended up picking dress #3 from below. It was fitting, because I'm really starting to show.

Avery's Preschool

Avery as Thomas, Carter as spiderman, Sam as Superman
Carter as Chinese Pirate, Sam as Thomas and Avery as SuperWoman.

Here are pics of Avery at preschool with her friends last week. (May 13th) They obviously had fun.

Dan's 30th birthday bash

Not the actual day of his birthday. But all these friends turn 30 this year. 3 of the guys turn 30 exactly a week apart for 3 weeks. We barbequed, played games and hung out without kids.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Thanks to all those that shared their opinions regarding which dress I should wear to the event. I know I was stressed over it. I just hardly ever get to dress up for something like this. Pics and more posts to come later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New dress options

Well....Dan didn't think that the black and white dress fit the occasion, so he gave me funds to get another one. Here are two dresses, I did have 3 in the pile, but no one like #1, so it's between #2 & #3. I'm leaning toward 3. #2 makes me feel a little too old and hey, I'm still in my twenties, yes even though I'm 29.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crazy Hair

Here's Avery and I being crazy girls when daddy had to work late one night. This was before we both wacked our hair off.

Girls Night Out

We had a girls night out and went on the openning night to the movie, "Made of Honor." It was good, but had more sexual innuendos than I anticipated, guess I should have known. Here are some fun pics from the night.

A or B?

The owner of the mall Dan is building is putting on a Gala (fancy word I guess for party) the Attire: "Black Tie Optional" Do I go with A or B? A) black and white fun dress or B) little black dress (it's a wrap around that ties and I have to wear a cami under it). The Gala includes: appetizers and cocktails--bring me the virgins...; 'Sumptuous' dinner by some well known chef I've never heard of and a live concert by Chicago--Yes that's right, I'm really excited, and to top off the evening, Luxury Gift Bags. There better be dessert somewhere in there, not just a gift bag.... and yes I am standing on a toilet taking a picture of myself in the mirror--I know lame.

My Little Joy

Avery is a riot! She is so fun. This was her idea of getting ready when I told her we were going for a bike ride. It's her dinosaur/dragon costume from last Halloween.